Setting Shipping Package Arrangement Order

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I would like the option to be able to arrange the order of the shipping packages. Could you implement the option to re-order packages? We have inputted several package sizes and happened to edit the packages that we frequently use, but then in order to do that, you would have to delete the package and create a new one. The new package is then listed on the very bottom of the package selection. I have seen options through other software where there would be the three horizontal bars to the side of the selection that allows for a click-hold-drag option to re-arrange order. 


It is a bit of a hassle for us to delete all the saved packages and re-input all the packages in the order that we would like.


Also, we have put our most frequently used package as the default package option, but sometimes when processing the shipment, it defaults to another package option. And I am aware of setting the customizable shipping package when processing several orders, but as far as the fluidity of processing shipments, I would like the above options to be available to better serve the Shopify community users. Thank you for your time, and if there are any options to adjust the minor issues, please let me know. 


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Very much agree with this request - I'm about to have to delete everything and rebuild the list and wow, what a pain. It would be great to be able to manually re-sort them to set the order in which they show up during fulfillment.

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Why is this type of stuff SO HARD with Shopify. This seems like it should be absolutely easy to do and Im sure asked more than this time. 
@Shopify Where we at on this?

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Now this box list is alphabetized with a search filter when fulfilling.


it's better and can work as I can just edit box names to force an order by numbering or something. Good enough, it will no longer require deletion and recreation of entire box list to adjust the sort order when something changes.