Setting shipping rates for ZIP codes

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Good morning everyone!

We are trying to track the inventories in each of our locations. Our warehouses fulfill certain areas. Therefore, every order is fulfilled by a different location on the basis of its ZIP code, because our delivery is by bike and, thus, it doesn’t cover all the cities. 
Setting traditional rates means to allocate the entire set of order from a city into one location. However, in the same city one of our orders can be fulfilled by different locations, depending on which of the warehouse covers the ZIP code of the order.
We tried using the local delivery, that allows the possibility to divide orders depending on the ZIP code, but then, orders are no more editable and we have problems with other apps that, for example, need to edit the order in order to de-bundle products. 
Does someone know a way to set shipping rates without using the local delivery? Or does someone know how to edit orders from the local delivery?
Thanks for your help!
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We have recently released an app that allows you to show different shipping rate options based on the destination zip code at the checkout page.

Would love to get on a call, and show you a quick demo to see if it solves your requirement.

You can check out the app here or send an email at