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Setting Up Apple Pay with stripe

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Hi there


I am trying to set up apple pay in my store and I'm having trouble with it. 


1. I have unchecked Apple Pay in my Stripe Payment setting and the button will still appear on checkout when using an iPhone. How can I prevent this button from appearing until I have resolved the following problem?


2. Stripe has me downloading a verification file which I'm suppose to add to my domain root or something. 

this is the path it shows me

how do I upload this verification file?


Thanks a lot for your help.


Cheers Fou

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I talked today with both stripe and shopify support and is not possible to upload the file in that domain root format. I hav esame problem,  they told me to activate it following here which I already  did it.

I can see the apple pay accelerated checkout on my website but the payment is not completed getting ad error message like: 

payment with apple pay not completed, the website is not able to complete the transaction, try again.
Hope I helped you a bit 😉


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having the exact same problem.


there must be a solution between apple, stripe and shopify - just waiting for it to show up

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Did you find a solution?? 🙂