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We are using FBA for fulfilling domestic shipments.  We want to start offering international shipping, and don't want go through the hassle of doing FBA for outside the USA.  We were hoping we could just set up the Shopify store so when international orders come in they get routed to us to fulfill directly, and not FBA.  But, we have this problem that the inventory on the product seems like it has to be coupled to Amazon stock.  If we have other inventory for international only, that is not FBA fulfilled, how do we set it up so the inventory is correct?  I was thinking we could have two lots of inventory, one for domestic and one for international and it would automatically show one or the other depending on where the purchaser is, but cannot figure out how to set this up.  Any ideas?






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2 inventory will be good for FBA orders and international orders. If the warehouse near Amazon FBA, it could be also a good supplement in the hotsale season, there are many Amazon sellers have both FBA and local warehouse in the USA to fulfill orders for Amazon and Shopify as well as other platforms, thus 2 inventories wont be conflict. When you choose local warehouse service they usually provide real time inventory and interface for different store platforms, as long as the SKU ID is the same, they can help you fulfill and manage inventory. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent

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Hey, thanks for providing this links and video i was looking for i had the issue looks like them and this links help me. thanks again myloweslife