Setting up payment method for selling product internationally, I based in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Hello, my name is Hoonn. 

I'm starting my dropshipping store soon. But the thing is I'm not sure how should I set up a payment method.

My problem is... 

1) Shopify Payment is not working in Thailand
2) What is the best possible payment method (low charging fees) that I can set up? 
3) Walkthrough of the best payment method I can set up. 
4) I have Paypal installed, but I heard that this year Paypal is not available in Thailand? Is this true? 



Hi @petaidstore 

1) Shopify Payment is not yet available in Thailand, but you can still use Shopify with a third-party payment gateway, you may need to pay additional transaction fees. For details, you can take a look at the Shopify guide:

For your second and third questions, you can also find the corresponding answer at the link above. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the Shopify technical support staff.

4) Have you registered for Paypal? If you are an old user who has successfully registered, you can still use it normally in Thailand, but new users cannot register for use temporarily.


Hope to help you a little.

You are also welcome to tell me more you know.


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Thank you so much, for number 4, yes I registered for PayPal a while ago so I guess paypal will work. But do I need a business paypal account? And if I only use paypal as a payment would it be sufficient?



Hi @petaidstore 

No, it depends on your needs and uses.

The following content is what I have collected about the difference between PayPal personal and business accounts: 

PayPal has three types of accounts:

1. Personal Account
2. Premier Account
3. Business Account

1. Personal Account: For individuals who shop online

The users of PayPal personal accounts are mainly people who want to shop online. The main function is to pay, and it also has the function of collecting money.

The main limitation is: there is no limit for receiving payments. For external payments, the payment limit for an uncertified PayPal account is 500 USD. If the amount exceeds this amount, the system will prompt you that you must pass PayPal authentication before you can cancel the payment amount limit. Unverified personal accounts cannot accept payments from credit cards. Only premium PayPal and corporate PayPal can accept payments from credit cards.

There are no restrictions on payment for a verified PayPal account. Uncertified accounts cannot be withdrawn. After certification, there is no limit on the number of other methods except for the current limit of $2500USD/month with respect to check withdrawal.

In the past, personal account collection and payment were free, but from November 9, 2010, PayPal has canceled the personal payment function, that is, the cancellation of personal account collection is free, and the transaction fee is charged at PayPal's benchmark rate. For details, please check the PayPal official website.

2. Business Account: For merchants who use a company or group name

PayPal's business account, also called PayPal business account, was developed for the convenience of the company's corporate users. It has all the functions and limitations of the PayPal premium account and can manage up to 200 sub-accounts.

There are two ways to open a business account:

One is to select the type of enterprise account when opening the registration directly.

The second is to first register the premium account of the corporate legal person and then upgrade to a corporate account after successful authentication.

Comparing PayPal business account with PayPal premium account, the main differences are:

1) When the customer pays, the payee's name is different.
When a user makes a payment to a PayPal personal account or a premium account, the payee he sees is the PayPal account name registered by the payee: When paying for a corporate account, the payee displays the company name. If the recipient is a company, it can increase customer trust.

2) PayPal corporate accounts can set secondary accounts with different permissions. You can add another e-mail address as a sub-account under a corporate account, and set its authority to only view the balance or only refund, or only withdraw cash, etc. If you are a business account, please log in to your PayPal account to view the specific details. The path is My Account>>User Information>>View account information in detail.

3. A PayPal premium account can be upgraded to a corporate account by adding business information at any time, and a corporate account can also be downgraded to a PayPal premium account at any time. This function is mainly for the convenience of customers withdrawing cash. Because the corporate account must be withdrawn to the bank account opened under the company name, but the premium account can be withdrawn to the account opened by the individual's name. There can be an unlimited upgrade or downgrade conversion between corporate accounts and premium accounts.

The difference between the two is that the advanced user registration is relatively simple, and the withdrawal refers to the private account; the corporate user registration is relatively troublesome, and it is necessary to provide the corporate identity certificate, tax registration certificate, organization code, business license, Withdrawal refers to the public account.

If the individual is used to collect money, it is generally recommended that you choose a premium account.

If you need to increase the check withdrawal limit, you can fax your ID card or passport with an address proof issued by the bank. (The certificate issued by the bank is on the reverse side of the first page of the bank passbook, with the name and bank account number on it. The name registered on PayPal must be the same as that on the bank account.)

Hope it helps you.


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My opinion only represents myself, not the company.