Setting up Shipping by Weight

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We are setting up our shipping in Shopify and are running into issues which am hoping other people have overcome also.

We have two locations.

Our inventory software sends inventory only for our main location up to Shopify, because of this we can't use multi-location or local delivery that is built into Shopify.

The main issue is with Canada Post as the courier since:

For orders over a specific weight, we want to hide Canada Post as an option and have us fulfill the shipment through our own third-party shipper.

That is the main issue, the minor issue is that any custom rates we create either have to have a price or Free. So in our shipping we have:



Pickup Location 1

Pickup Location 2

Since our delivery rate will be priced on a per order basis and only shown on orders over a certain weight we can't have them all say Free.

I see the area in Shopify to change the Free text to whatever we want, the problem is we want the Delivery to say TBD and the Pick-up's to say Free.

Hopefully that makes sense.


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