Setting Up Shipping Rates Using Multiple Print on Demand Suppliers

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I'm running into an issue when trying to set up shipping rates for my store and I'm hoping someone can help me find a solution. I'm going to be as detailed as possible below so please forgive me for the long post.


I'm using two separate print on demand suppliers for my products: Printify & Apliiq. Because of this I'm having trouble getting the shipping rates to accurately calculate when an order is placed for items that are being fulfilled by both suppliers.


Please allow me to explain: 


  • I'm only offering shipping within the United States for the time being.
  • My goal is to charge my customers accurate rates for shipping while providing free shipping on orders over $125.
  • I'm using Dimona Tee & JAMS Designs as my print providers inside of Printify. Both of these print providers charge a flat rate based on the number or quantity of items ordered. For example: JAMS Designs charges $5.19 for the first item, and $2.19 for each additional item. (Dimona Tee's rates are very similar; they charge on a per-item basis as well, but with slightly cheaper rates.)
  • Apliiq's shipping rates are based on item weight and includes a $1 fulfillment fee per item... and this is where I seem to have an issue. Because one supplier's rates are based on item quantity and the other supplier is based on weight (plus $1 per item), any time I add a product from each supplier, the total shipping cost calculates incorrectly.
  • The products in my store that are fulfilled by Printify range from $32.75 - $38.75. 
  • The products in my store that are fulfilled by Apliiq range from $28.75 - $44.75. 
    • The figures above are the retail price that I sell my items for.

My Current Shipping Profiles & Rates:

For the Printify products (rates based on item quantity), I took the price of the products in my store into consideration and set up a shipping profile that calculates based on amount (subtotal in cart).  Rates below...

  • $1 - $50 = Shipping $5.19   (This price range accounts for only one item purchased)
  • $50.01 - $100 = Shipping $7.38  (This range accounts for 2 items purchased)
  • $100.01 - $124.99 = Shipping $11.76 (This range accounts for 3 items purchased)
  • $125 - Up = Free Shipping

For the Apliiq products (rates based on item weight), I am using the shipping rates and profile that are provided (synced) through the Apliiq App & website. 


  • I've also assigned all products in my store to the corresponding shipping profile where they'll be fulfilled.

Based on the way I set up my shipping profiles described above, here's an example of what this should look like:


Example: A customer adds one product that will be fulfilled by Printify (retail $32.75) and one item that will be fulfilled by Apliiq (retail $40). (This brings the subtotal to $72.75.)  In this example, the correct and accurate shipping cost should be $5.19 (Printify / flat rate per item) (determined by the $50.01 - $100 bracket mentioned above), + $5.49 (Apliiq / weight based + $1 fee) (determined by the rates provided by Apliiq). This should bring the total shipping cost to $10.68. Unfortunately, that's not what it's totaling up to be. In this example, the total shipping cost is adding up to $15.06. 


What seems to be happening is the item to be fulfilled by Apliiq is using the correct shipping profile and charging a rate of $5.49, HOWEVER, when the item to be fulfilled by Printify is added to the cart, it's not assigning the correct rate. This is where the miscalculation is happening. In this example the subtotal is $72.75, which falls into the $50.01 - $100 bracket mentioned above, and for some reason it's charging a rate of $9.57 for this item, instead of $5.19.


I've tried adding an item to be fulfilled by Printify to the cart by itself and the rates calculate accurately, and the same for Apliiq. When only an Apliiq item, or items, are added to the cart, the shipping rates are calculated correctly. It's only when items from both suppliers are added that this issue occurs. 


I've attempted to create multiple combinations of shipping profiles and I can't seem to solve this issue so I'm hoping someone here can assist me with this.  Again, thank you for taking the time to read over this lengthy post and thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me in resolving this issue. 

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