Setup different shipping rates - different regions for different products

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Hey there,

Following situation.

I have set a price limit for free shipping. If its above the limit, good, shipping is for free - in a specific region (US in this case).

But if its below shippment must be paid by the buyer. The thing is I have > 100 products, different weigths, differnt prices at the end for the shipment. I wanted to classify it into 3 categories (something like light, middle, heavy). However customer cannot see this. There are 3 price tags behind (lets say 5$, 10$, 20$) for US region.

Other regions (EU/ ASIA), would pay more (lets say as an example 10-20-30$).


I have set the weights for each product. In best case it works like in Excel 😁. If < 1kg, region = US, then price = 5$. But I guess thats not how it works 😁


What is the right way to set this up? Or do I may require a 3rd party app in order to make it?

I have used the search first but couldnt find the right answer..


Thank you

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