several Unfulfillment issues

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I keep having unfulfilled orders from my shop. My shop currently has 393 items, but they're basically just variants of a few dozen designs.


Everything is originated in either Printful or Printify, and is integrated as such. no manual sales or anything like that. Just my Shopify store integrated with those 2 production partners.


I Have multiple items that share the same SKU #, which i thought would be automatically differentiated. I have several items that are available for purchase in the shop, but once the purchase has been made, it stays unfulfilled in my orders until I manually request fulfillment, which causes further issues that I don't fully understand. Many items aren't synced to production partner the way i thought it would be, so I feel completely lost.


Do i need to just start all over?


Is there a live person i can call or live chat with about this. Typing all of this out seems more difficult that it needs to be.

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