Ship to International APO/FPO addresses

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Currently my client does not allow international shipping of goods and it's restricted to US only. However, they want to be able to ship to military bases overseas. Is there any way I can do that while keeping usual international shipping restricted?



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Hi Tehreem, 

There is a way to do that! I just figured it out....I think.  Go to your settings, then select shipping, then go to your shipping, then click manage rates.  Under the shipping to section, you can edit your shipping zones.  If you scroll down to the United States at the 3 last options in the 'states' for the United States are for the Armed Forces.  

Hope this helps! 


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How come I cant ship to fpo?

no option in settings-shipping either

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THE ABSOLUTE FIRST THING anyone needs get onboard with is that an APO or FPO address is NOT international.

ANYTHING sent to an APO or FPO address is only going to go as far as San Francisco or New York. From there, USPS enters the items into DoD's mail system.

IT DOES NOT MATTER where the physical location of the base is.  The mailing address is CONUS.


U.S. Navy Ships have APO and FPO addresses.  I've spent a lot of years aboard aircraft carriers and not once did I ever see a FEDEX plane or a UPS truck catch the 3-wire and drop off a package.

There isn't even a way to track your shipment once it's entered.


Shippers bear no additional costs. USG handles the bill.  Mail with impunity.