Shipping 2 items from different profiles is adding the values.

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I have problem with respect to shipping to different countries. 

My website is operating in Lebanon, I have around 2000 items . 

We apply a flat shipping rate for any order in Lebanon, regardless its weight or volume. 

We want to open our business to Regional shipping, the shipping rate is based on the weight and it is different for each country . 

We have set the weight for very few of our 2000 items, and we are planning to start gradually selling the items to other countries with specific brands and products. 

When we create a new profile, the items we add to this profile are removed from the General list, so when a Lebanese customer orders from both the new profile and the general items, the shipping is added and he will be shipping twice for his order. 


What is the solution ?




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I have just discovered the exact same issue with a shop I just put live for a client and I am a little annoyed that this is happening as my client is having to refund postage costs on lots of orders.

I setup a flat rate shipping to the UK, and 2 different possible costs for EU. So I have 2 profiles for this.

Here is a PDF showing the 2 Profiles I have.

As you can see, both Profiles have the exact same UK flat rate shipping configuration, same names etc. and then the EU prices are different.

So Product 1 is in Profile A and Product 2 is in Profile B.

Customer from UK adds both products to their cart and the shipping offered to them are 

  • Royal Mail 2nd Class: £5.98
  • Royal Mail 1st Class: £8.98

This means it is taking the shipping costs from both profiles and adding them together.

When you are creating the 'Rate Name' Shopify tells you to use a name that is already there so they can roll shipping together with the same rate name and only charge the shipping once.

his doesn't look like its happening, yes it identifies that there are 2 rates named the same in the 2 profiles, but it is adding them together.

Has anyone got a solution for this?

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