Shipping Addresses updated to billing address automatically

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We are having an issue with the Billing Address automatically overriding the Shipping Address at checkout. 

- It is happening sporadically 

- There is no correlation with payment method

- It is only updating the Shipping Address with Billing Address NOT Name, phone number etc
- It is NOT when a customer ticks "billing same as shipping address"
- This is unticked



We are a delivery company so this is causing a lot of issues for us. 

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Hello, @PennyD1 ,


Rest assured, you can provide distinct billing and shipping addresses regardless of whether both options are enabled or disabled.


In case you've customized your Shopify checkout using an app and encounter this issue, we recommend reaching out to the app developer for assistance.


If you're experiencing this problem with the default Shopify checkout, we advise you to get in touch with Shopify support for further assistance

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I have this problem too, but every time I try to get help from shopify or my delivery app each one blames it on the other or tells me this couldn't be happening. . . .😖