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I have a question about setting up shipping rules. 


We deal with musical instruments (drums in particular). When we ship "one drum kit", it consists of up to 5 boxes, so I don't believe there is a way to add this information into shopify and use an app to calculate freight as I think it's a "one item one box" scenario.


This a huge problem for us, but a workaround is to use flat rates - which has worked for us previously with a different ecommerce platform.


The problem we have is that with the country we are based in (Australia) we have an option of 8 states to ship to. Because of the size of some of these states, freight can vary significantly from one part of the state to the other. With our previous ecommerce site we could create custom zones which fixed this problem (involved setting up a LOT of rules, but was quite accurate!). 


Is there any way to create to create our own "custom" shipping zones?


Thanks in advance!



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Hi @DP_2023,


I might have the right solution for your shipping requirement. But first, may I know which shipping carrier you are using?

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Hi Anindita,


We're using Australia Post.