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Hello, I have a account with shopify and i need to know how do i get my gift baskets to shopify so shopify can deliver for me?

Im in the Oklahoma City area... is there a location that i can drop them off at?


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I have booked order & payment at POS TID-cashfree/E,ref-112317370109. (03-05-2021 17:40:01) but website & email not respond.
I thing they has fraud/cheat me.
Please help me & back to my money.

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Hi Shirmeka,

Shopify is just the platform hosting your store and processing your payments. It does not do the deliveries for you.

You will have to find a service or courier to do your deliveries for you, or you can use an app like EasyRoutes local delivery routes planner to create routes and delivery them with your own drivers or by yourself.

I hope this helps!

EasyRoutes Local Delivery ( - Local delivery superpowers for your Shopify store
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Hello! In this case, you'd better look for a delivery company. Be careful which company you turn to because there are also companies which make deliveries quite difficult and cost a lot. I can give you a recommendation from the heart, the same company that I am contacting, if you want to receive your parcels quickly. I always turn to them, because the speed and seriousness with which they work here, I have never met her anywhere else. In addition, the costs are very small, which is an advantage. I'm leaving their website here I hope it helps you