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Shipping App for Africa on the Basic Plan

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Good day,

I'm based in South Africa, and have just opened my e-commerce store. The dilemma I'm facing at the moment relates to shipping. Setting a standard rate for shipping means that it costs almost as much as a single product from my store, but I can't setup different rates based on locations because of the following reasons: 

A) Shopify only allows me to select provincial locations on my shipping zones

B) There are thousands of locations such that adding them manually is near impossible. 

Shopify users in the international community have a distinct advantage in being able to access the free services with UPS and Fedex on the basic plan. South Africa currently only has one third party app available for shipping (as far as I can tell). uAfrica is unavailable if you're on the basic plan, and has the additional cost of a monthly subscription to use their services. Fastway's plugin is an additional cost with their company and a prepayment of R2000 minimum to courier with them, and again, doesn't integrate with Shopify's basic plan. 

In the current economic climate and the fact that we're all struggling with the effects of COVID-19, surely Shopify can assist South African businesses by making uAfrica's app integration free to basic plan users? Given the exchange rate from Rands to Dollars, simply subscribing to Shopify's basic plan is a pricey investment made more daunting by the difficulty and cost of integrating local shipping. 

The service you provide to small businesses is incredibly useful and cost effective overall, but PLEASE investigate the possibility of living up to your promise of helping small businesses and allow us access to at least one third party shipping app on the basic plan.

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