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Hi People,

In my country we have what is called a rural address witch is a delivery address out of town and cost extra to deliver packages. 

I offer free shipping or for $4.99 I will offer rural shipping as it cost extra, people seem to try and trick me and put down a rural address and they click free shipping when checking out.


Is there anyway I can add a rule so if someone supplies me with a rural address they don’t get the free shipping option? 


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Hey @KLevien,

Shopify's built-in shipping options don't let you get this granular, unfortunately. Your customers (usually) aren't trying to trick you; it's human nature to select the cheapest shipping option available. 

We have a great deal of customers using Intuitive Shipping to create subzones based on ZIP or Postal code. If the buyer lives inside the range that offers free shipping, they'll get free shipping. If they live outside of the range that offers free shipping, they will be charged $4.99 for shipping. If you're interested, you can book a call with our team and they'll give you a hand getting configured. 


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It's quite an old post but check out this awesome tool:

It allows you to draw areas on a map to create custom shipping zones.



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Hello @KLevien,
 The way by which you can add shipping charges for rural areas is to create a shipping profile for the product you want to charge and add shipping zones by using the zip code of the rural address. Whoever adds the product from that location will be charged as the product is in the shipping profile.

To automate the shipping process, the Multi-carrier shipping label app will automatically recognize the locality of the customers and fetch shipping rates directly from the carrier API based on the distance(zip codes).

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