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I have set up the store - some items are light (tshirts) and some are heavy (mugs, water bottles) and so have set up shipping according to weight.

  • 0-2.3lbs = $8.00
  • 2.4-4lbs = $13.00
  • 4.1-6lbs = $16.00
  • 6.1-9lbs = $20.00

Had someone purchase multiple items with a total weight of 4.7 lbs = their shipping should be $16.00 as the weight falls into the range.

But Shopify charged them $21.00 ($8 + $13)

Which is not what I want.  I want the shipping charge to be determined by the total weight of the items, and I can't seem to figure out how to get that set up properly.

Or is it just the math? Should I have this instead:

  • 0-2.3lbs = $8.00
  • 2.4-4lbs = +$5.00 = $13
  • 4.1-6lbs = +$3.00 = $16
  • 6.1-9lbs = +$4.00 = $20
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Have you added the products in different shipping profiles? When using multiple shipping profiles, or having multiple locations within profiles, if orders contain products from different profiles or locations, this will result in combined rates at the checkout. I hope this might be the issue (not sure though). Also, have you tried setting up the weight as you have mentioned in the end?


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Yes, that's what happened. I've got a Domestic shipping profile and an International shipping profile, as only some of our items are available for international shipping.

Putting all of the products in the same shipping profile results in the correct domestic shipping totals.... but now i have to figure out how to exclude certain items from International.