Shipping carrier integration in Switzerland

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We're starting a new store based in Switzerland delivering physical goods. We expect most of our sales to be international, but some will be local. We're a bit lost with the French Shopify documentation, which steers us towards Shopify Shipping, which we seem to understand is not available for Europe-based shops.

So we'd like to work with a small number of carriers: SwissPost, and at least one of Fedex/DHL/UPS

1) We understand that precise shipping rates can be computed at checkout, if we pay for an annual Shopify plan. Does this include linking to carrier services to obtain services such as: buying shipping labels, printing them, linking tracking numbers with orders?

2) If we want to automate the following: ordering shipping labels; linking tracking numbers to orders; emailing shipping updates to customers, can we work with the basic Shopify plan, or do we need to use an app?

3) If we need to use an app, which one is the most popular for Swiss-based shops?

Many thanks!

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Hi @Swiss3DC,

Yes, precise shipping rates can be computed at checkout (carrier calculated shipping) if you pay for an annual Shopify plan. You can switch to annual payments and contact Shopify support via chat to enable it in your store.  

Unfortunately, linking with the carriers, buying shipping labels, printing them, linking tracking numbers with orders with Shopify shipping is available only in the US and Canada. If you ship through Shopify Shipping with USPSUPS, or DHL Express in the United States, or with Canada Post in Canada, you’ll be able to pay for and print shipping labels directly in Shopify.

However, you can use your own account with Shopify to handle the shipping process. Once you have enabled carrier calculated shipping in your store, you will also have an option to add your own carrier accounts for FedEx, UPS, etc. But for handling shipping with SwissPost, you will have to manually do it from their website or use an app. I have found some of the apps here.

Also, features like ordering shipping labels and linking tracking numbers to orders can be done in basic Shopify. But sending tracking notifications to your customers require an additional app as Shopify only sends an "Order shipped" email along with the tracking number. Alternatively, all these features can be handled with an app like our Multi Carrier Shipping Label. The app allows you to integrate carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc, display rates, print labels, automatically link tracking number to the respective orders, and also send tracking notifications to your customers via email.

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