Shipping Charges are more than double the cost of my 5oz product!

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My shop is nearly ready to go and I am stuck on this shipping thing. Here's the run down>

  • I have one shipping location, only selling to US.
  • The products I have are all aligned under the general profile at the moment 
  • I have added the weight of my product (only 5oz) and dimensions of the mailer
  • Added in USPS first class mail / package, parcel select grown and priority mail
  • I removed all other shipping locations and apps

All I am trying to ship right now is a sticker set and eventually a t-shirt. The product cost is $4. When I put in an order to try it out shipping from AZ to AZ the shipping cost is $7.15.  There is only one option listed for the customer to select for shipping [USPS Priority Mail]. This obviously is not right and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. 

Help fix my stupid 🙂

Seriously, appreciate any advice or tips! I need to get this solved asap. Thank you so much in advance for your insights!

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