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Is there a way to export, or even an app that can export your shipping data? I'd like to export the size of box I used, the actual weight, and the price I actually paid. 

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I just spoke with Shopify support, and they figured out a way to get the info:

1. go to Settings > Billing

2. Choose the bill you need

3. Click Shipping - It should show a number of "items", which are the shipping charges.

4. You can export each month as a CSV.

Not as neat and tidy as a single report, but not crazy either.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Craig917 - that solves the problem of an average cost per package - I
also do this bill by bill (not a big deal this time of year when I have 4-6
bills per week, but during the holidays I have close to 20 bills per week,
which is an insane amount of extra work during such a busy time).

It does not, however, provide a report or any numbers related to additional
fees UPS may have charged (weight/dimension adjustments, address changes,
return charges, etc). So still no way to see that or have any transparency
around our true/final shipping costs.
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I love this workaround.

Are there any other dropshippers out there using their supplier's carrier accounts like us?

In this case, our supplier emails us with an invoice for each order with total charged including the shipping price charged.  In this case, what we are actually looking for is a way to tracking shipping charges per order. Our current process includes adding a comment on the order of the shipping price charged for our monthly P&L, but this is becoming more of an accounting burden and not scalable as we grow to a few hundred orders per month.

If I am alone in this fulfillment challenge that I will accept my fate and look for custom solutions, but hoping that is not the case!

Thanks, stay safe everyone.

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I'm right there with you @alexstonehouse1. It's a workaround for something that I thought would be a standard part of the reports Shopify creates. But it's definitely not scaleable. And don't even get me started on the adjusted shipping charges. I'm sure there's a way to report it all simply and accurately. I'll post an update here if I find it. Best of luck to you.

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Agreed, this should definitely be built into Shopify's reporting

Although our company is moving to manufacturing our products, currently we
dropship with multiple suppliers, using all of their own carrier accounts,
so an ideal solution would be to add a shipping charge when fulfilling the

Any other dropshippers out there having a similar issue with other
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Seems that the shipping and payout are in the order information, why don't they appear in the export of the orders.  I do fulfillment for myself and others and need costs allocated by order.  This in addition to obvious need for allocating fees and shipping for tax accounting purposes.   This seems worse than paypal, I thought that was impossible. 


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this report doesn't show the order number so you can't even do a vlookup to update your shipping costs per order.

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Hi @ThankedRapier4 (and everybody else who has taken part in this thread!),

The BeProfit - Profit Tracker app could be exactly what you're looking for.

You'll get a dashboard that lets you track and analyze your profits and expenses including shipping costs, marketing, production, and more (you can manually enter expenses as well).

The app automatically pulls Shopify shipping profiles and even lets you create new shipping profiles and shipping zones for full customizability. You'll also get a full breakdown of how much you paid for shipping and how much the customer paid for shipping for every order. You can watch a short explainer video of how BeProfit tracks shipping costs, here.

While it's extremely useful for tracking shipping costs, BeProfit offers many more advanced features to help make sense of all your shop's data to accurately calculate your bottom line.

You can use BeProfit to:

  • Track your profit history over time
  • Get intuitive visuals and graphs
  • Understand complex business metrics
  • Connect metrics once with smart integrations
  • Spot what factors need improvement to increase profits
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your store


Try BeProfit and let us know if you find it helpful. Plus, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the app, we're always happy to get feedback!

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How is this not a report included with Shopify. @Shopify, please step your game up to allow us to run our business like a business without having to give data to 3rd parties. 

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@Shopify This is a basic report needed by all. please provide a response as to when you will include this... is it part of shopify 2.0?



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 This is a basic report needed by all. please provide a response as to when you will include this... is it part of shopify 2.0?



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Easy Reports now supports exporting this data now as well.


The devs have been supportive in helping to solve the issue created by the data not being presented by Shopify.

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Why has this not been taken care of yet. I'm sick of being told by Shopify reps to "report it" and it will be taken note of!?!?!? Ridiculous for such a large platform not to have basic reporting to reference profits etc.
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Just had to troubleshoot this for my taxes. Easiest way that I did it is to go to:
> Finances
> Billing
> Select the billing statement/cycle that applies to your search. (For me, I selected each month of the year I wanted to run a report on so I could get a whole year snapshot.)
> Export CSV File (top right)

From there you will sort by "Shipping" and then just do a simple excel equation to add up everything you spent on shipping.

Obviously not as simple as having Shopify pull this report automatically but this whole process only took me a few minutes and does not require any third parties.


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THANK YOU! This is the most helpful feedback I've seen so far, I'm sorry to
have missed that billing report for so long. Cheers.
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I am pretty tech inept LoL but in my fumbling around I discovered an easy way to generate the report.

go to:

- Billing

- View all billing history

- In the upper right click on Export CSV

- You then have the option of choosing dates. Chose Jan 1 - Dec 31.

- You will then have to sum the shipping expenses column,


The report also includes fees for apps used for shipping like Boxify and Amazon Integration Plus.


Hope this helps. Amazon support had no idea.

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Yes, I discovered that as well from others sharing - appreciate the note.
The main issue I still see is that UPS will charge fees if your
weight/dimensions/address is slightly off (or if a package is returned to
sender, etc) BUT there is no way to see or track those fees without
revisiting every individual order weeks later.

So it's not possible to make internal adjustments or know what you're
actually being charged for under the label of "shipping".

We do keep an eye on average shipping cost per package to make sure nothing
is totally out of hand, but there's no way to track or correct for those
details or to make sure those side/after charges are legitimate.

Thanks all for your responses!
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@Shopify has this been resolved yet? Still need this built into reports so that I can properly (and easily) review true profit margins per order. 

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Under the Admin homepage: go to Finances > Billing. 

Under Recent Bills, click "View all Billing History"


Now the key is to Export to CSV File at the top. 
Click Bill by Date > Export Bills. 


Once you have the Excel file open, it will break down all charges by Shipping, Apps, etc. and you can view the report as needed for Accounting.