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Is there a way to export, or even an app that can export your shipping data? I'd like to export the size of box I used, the actual weight, and the price I actually paid. 

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I am pretty tech inept LoL but in my fumbling around I discovered an easy way to generate the report.

go to:

- Billing

- View all billing history

- In the upper right click on Export CSV

- You then have the option of choosing dates. Chose Jan 1 - Dec 31.

- You will then have to sum the shipping expenses column,


The report also includes fees for apps used for shipping like Boxify and Amazon Integration Plus.


Hope this helps. Amazon support had no idea.

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Yes, I discovered that as well from others sharing - appreciate the note.
The main issue I still see is that UPS will charge fees if your
weight/dimensions/address is slightly off (or if a package is returned to
sender, etc) BUT there is no way to see or track those fees without
revisiting every individual order weeks later.

So it's not possible to make internal adjustments or know what you're
actually being charged for under the label of "shipping".

We do keep an eye on average shipping cost per package to make sure nothing
is totally out of hand, but there's no way to track or correct for those
details or to make sure those side/after charges are legitimate.

Thanks all for your responses!
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@Shopify has this been resolved yet? Still need this built into reports so that I can properly (and easily) review true profit margins per order. 

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Under the Admin homepage: go to Finances > Billing. 

Under Recent Bills, click "View all Billing History"


Now the key is to Export to CSV File at the top. 
Click Bill by Date > Export Bills. 


Once you have the Excel file open, it will break down all charges by Shipping, Apps, etc. and you can view the report as needed for Accounting. 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Everyone,


We just launched two new reports for Shopify Shipping labels that might also help you:

1. Shipping Labels

2. Shipping Labels Over Time


You can now see and export your shipping label costs per order along with other metrics such as average label costs over time.


The bills are always most accurate for any financial reconciliations, but these reports will give you a quick, high level overview of your costs and how they might change over time.


Thanks for all the great feedback!


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Thank you @BjornD for letting us know. This is very helpful! Can we please have one more useful filter? I see we can filter the table for origin zip code, origin country, but it would be best to have the actual Shopify Shipping Location! This makes it easy to pull all the postage used for a specific fulfillment location. If the zipcode is already in there, hopefully isn't too hard to add in the origin name (the Shopify location name)

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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This is great feedback, thanks @mikeyonaboat! I've passed it along to the team that's responsible for these filters and views.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.