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Hello guys,

I want to see clear picture of my profits. I would like to know about shipping charges in Shopify store. Shipping charges are AED 15.

1. We give free delivery above AED 250. Does cost include shipping charges from such orders?

2. When we receive returns, does it deducts the shipping cost automatically? As we have to pay the shipping cost in this scenario.

Waiting for your reply,

Thanks in advance!


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, @Shopey 

I'm happy to answer these questions for you today.

1. Free delivery thresholds (Ex. free shipping on order over $250) are based on the sub-total of the cart. This is BEFORE taxes and shipping costs are introduced. If you have 4 products in the cart that each cost $60 each. The sub-total is $240 which does not qualify for free shipping.

2. When you return/refund customers, you determine how much you are going to refund them from the Admin. 

When you create the return label for them, you are charged for it once the label gets scanned at the carriers facility. So if you want the customer to pay for shipping on the return, you would want to not fully refund their order. 

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Dirk,

Thank you so much for your response. 

I thinking my questions were not clear. 

1. I was asking for the orders above 250 (those orders qualify for free shipping). My question was does shipping cost in the finance summary includes this cost as well? As it shows delivery charges for that order.

2. Second question is about the order cancellation. Like we offer cash on delivery facility also. Some customers refuse to receive the parcels. But we have to pay the shipping fees to the company that's 15 AED. When this happens, we simply select "cancel" which results in restocking those items. I want to know that while we cancel this order, shipping fee is deducted also or not? If not, then is there any option available for it?

Waiting for your response.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi there, I have been actively advocating for shipping reports, and a comprehensive shipping bill each month.

For a basic Shipping Cost total report: From your owner account, you can go to Settings --> Billing --> View Finance Overview (at bottom) to get a generalized shipping cost total for whatever time period you'd like. It's just one lump sum, however.

BUT- IMPORTANT TO KNOW (I have confirmed this with a Shopify rep, see copied transcript below): Any additional/secondary shipping charges (such as dimensional weight adjustments, returned packages fees, and address adjustment/change fees) also just get lumped into this one "Shipping Fees" category and there is no other way to find or view those additional charges except by looking back into past individual orders to check their Timeline feeds. 1. How can anyone be expected to do that? 2. How do I know I'm being charged appropriately and where I need to make adjustments to my own shipping process in the future?

A simple fix, if Shopify is not willing or able to provide comprehensive bills, is that the carriers can send me bills directly for any additional charges so I can evaluate and pay them. I would just pay the initial label cost through Shopify.

Copied from my chat on 01/14/20:

21:22 Christan (Support Advisor): Hi Alex, or billing team checked it and the charge will show up on the order details, where is says "You were charged $11.32 for a shipping label price adjustment." (screenshot of Order Timeline)

21:22 Christan (Support Advisor): This charges will be added on your shipping fees on your billing

21:28 Alex Mart: Those adjustments don't show up anywhere else?

21:28 Christan (Support Advisor): It will be just on that part Alex

Please anyone reading this who is also frustrated/concerned, contact Shopify and make some noise about this, and contribute to these community posts. That's the only way to get them to make changes from what I can tell.

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We offer a flat rate USPS shipping fee for orders under $49.95 and free shipping for orders over $49.95.  I would LOVE to have a simple report that shows the actual shipping charges, by order number, with any adjustments.  A report like that would assist us in adjusting rates for different regions and for reconciling charges.  It really surprises me that Shopify does not provide some granularity in the financial reports around shipping costs.

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I agree with @coffeeguyron If would be nice if the actual shipping label charge was included in the Orders Report. All the info I need to analyze my sales is in the Orders Export except for the actual shipping label charge.

Shopify Partner
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Hi @danv1369 @Shopey @coffeeguyron,

Kritesh here from Better Reports support team.

I believe our app Better Reports may be able to help. While we can not currently report on detailed shipping costs (is not exposed through an API for Better Reports to access),we can currently estimate how the shipping cost is calculated (usually based on order weight) which we can recompute and report the same for each order. Or if there is a way to pass shipping cost information to orders via metafields or attributes or tags, Better Reports can pick that up as well.

We'd love to implement Shipping Costs as a built-in calculation for our customers but we do not get access to that data. It has been a pending request for a while (Also see -

However, for an overview and directional reporting, we have set up estimates to see AOV and profitability of orders with free shipping vs estimated costs and in cases where shipping is collected from customers, the shipping price vs estimated shipping costs.

I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial, and I'll be happy to set this up for you. 

In addition to building custom reports to meet your specific needs, you'll also get access to 60+ built-in reports that cover many common use cases for merchants and our reports can be scheduled to send to your email or Google Drive at set frequencies.

Let me know how you go and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.