Shipping costs are way too high for cubic rate.

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I just shipped something to zone 6 that fits in the smallest size for cubic rate yet it costs $9.99 in shipping from Shopify. Shopify claims I saved $1.76 by buying the shipping from them, yet when I ship the same thing on Amazon it's about $7.50. I checked around and other shipping services are about $8.00. What is going on?

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Did you ever get an answer from shopify?  Their help documentation says they do cubic:

But I don't even see cubic as an option (I have a standard shopify account without any special plug ins or extras).  This is a serious negative for shopify, I also sell on Amazon and see lower shipping rates with Amazon/cubic that aren't available in Shopify for the same exact product and box size.   I hope they fix this issue soon.  Is there a way to petition this company?  I read in another thread you have to sign up for some special shipping service that costs extra.  That is really aggravating if true, Amazon doesn't charge more for access to cubic shipping rate, and I don't understand why it would cost shopify more to offer cubic shipping rate?

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I have my shipping set up exactly how I want it, now my shipping has gone up as much as $3 (out of my pocket) for a single 10" x 6" x 6" package under 2lbs. Not sure how this cubic shipping is suppose to help us when I'm now paying more then what my customers are being charged. I really can't justify passing these costs on to my customers, when they can order the same product from other sites that charge less for shipping! 

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I ended up getting the pirateship plug in.  It was pretty easy to integrate, free, and works really well.  They have the cheapest shipping options for shopify and nice integration.  Shows you all the possible rates including all USPS options (like cubic) and even UPS so you can compare rates.  It imports directly from shopify so you don't have to do anything but click a button.  They also have the lowest cost international shipping options I've seen, they somehow got special rates you can't even get directly from USPS.

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Is there any way to show customers those rates?


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I see the same thing for USPS first class packages all the time. I think shopify is either skimming off the top (likely) or unable to get the deals every other company gets. I check ebay and pirateship and most of the time they're lower than shopify. Yet another reason I hope a competitor to this platform shows up so i can get off these guys.