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I do apologize if this has been answered, I have tried to look but can't seem to find exactly the answer or explanation I'm looking for. 

I have a new store, everything is setup but after constant research I'm now back tracking and making changes and additions.

My question regards shipping prices and countries, I don't want to do the wrong thing.

After my product selection process, I take the price of the item on Ali Express, select the shipping and make it mandatory to select shipping which includes tracking. I then take that price and add them both together then calculate my mark up. So my site has " free shipping " on all orders as I've done this on every product.

The issue is, if a customer from the US buys a product, I have e-packet as the default and that's all included, same as the UK with a slightly longer time but then I checked if someone from South Africa buys the product, it says free shipping, at the checkout stage it still displays free shipping and the customer goes ahead and purchases the items but on Ali Express if you select shipping to South Africa, the cheapest even without tracking is £45. 

Where would that price be included? would it come off my credit card that is linked to ali express when fulfilling? Surely it wouldn't charge the customer?

I'm not sure how to go about it? Do I only choose the top 10 GDP countries? 

In my shipping settings on Shopify because I live in the UK it shows domestic under UK and then free to the rest of the world. 

I'm confused how to set this up, I basically want to follow the process I've been doing by including the shipping price + item price + markup and then advertising free shipping through the store and at checkout, but not be hit with a £45 charge or any issues?

Sorry for the long description just want to make sure I'm clear on the question.

Thanks so much

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