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shipping costs for different size items in one order

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I have a basic Shopify account for my store and I am looking for a solution for my shipping problem. 
I sell small items to be shipped in a box for a normal shipping rate (have a plug in with my shipment partner) and items that are larger (beach chairs), and due to the size not so much the weight have a different shipping rate. I have created separate shipping profiles for this. Now the shipping costs are added together when products from different profiles come in an order, while I want to set it up so that only the most expensive rate becomes the shipping rate when people order more items. 
There is also a difference in the shipment price of the beach chairs depending on the size of the chair. I can put 3 per box for shipment for the basic chair. 2 in a box for a chair with armrests and 2 in a box for a chair with armrests and footrests. 
Ideally when people order more than the amount that fits in one box I want the order to be split in 2 shipping orders. 
Shipping costs calculated based on price doesn’t work for me. On the basis of weight I can’t make a distinction between the beach chairs.  
Anyone any ideas?
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Hi @Smits 

potentially you could use CarrierService API to create very tailored shipping rates (seems like all your requirements would be possible to implement). However this API is only available if one of the following conditions is met: 

  • It is on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.
  • Its Shopify plan is paid annually.
  • It is a development store.

You have already mentioned that you are on a Basic Plan and since your store is online its not development store neither. So the API would be available for you only if you are on annually paid plan. Is that your case? 

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