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Product 1: With shipping fee
Product 2: Without shipping fee

My customer bought two products (product 1 & 2) in my online store. Product 1 is set to "No shipping fee" while product 2 set to "With shipping fee". Is there a condition in Shopify that sets the shipping method to free shipping when the 2 products combine in one cart?

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Hi @hubeepablo,
Have you created a shipping profile for each product and added rates?
1. “0” for the product 1
2. “$15” for product 2 Under the manage rates.
This will result in combined rates at checkout, while shipping charges for 2nd product are being added.

As of now, there is no feature to disable the combined rates at the checkout, because of multiple shipping profiles.

This is to ensure the merchants don't end up overpaying for shipping when customers order products from multiple profiles or locations, but I can appreciate how this may not be desired for all. Currently, the only available workaround would be to use an application to set up more specific shipping rules.
Some options you could consider are:
- Better Shipping
- Advanced Shipping Rules
- Parcelify - Shipping
You can create separate shipping rates like free shipping and flat rates for the product under the shipping and delivery section on the Shopify dashboard under the settings option.
The Shopify Multi-carrier shipping label app calculates rates based on the shipping rates set up for the products at the checkout by the shipping carrier service.


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