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I am using a t-shirt printing app that fulfills most of my orders, but we still carry just a few things in house that we ship ourselves directly. When a customer orders items from both locations, it seems to mostly be splitting up accordingly and sending our warehouse orders to shipping easy, but it isn't 100%. I have it set up so that everything is in the general shipping profile, including BOTH locations, then a separate profile for our warehouse fulfillment. I initially tried doing the general profile to ONLY have the app printed tees, but it was throwing an error that shipping wasn't available for the customers location. However, only about 90% of the orders are splitting correctly now. For instance, I had an order with 2 shirts that the app fulfills, but it was sent to shipping easy. I had another order where It correctly split them (only our warehouse items made it to shipping easy, and the app printed items went to the app). 

Hopefully this makes any sense at all. Here is a screen shot.

So the problem I am left with:

-the orders from the print app aren't always being sent to fulfillment to the print app (happened with an order today that I had to do manually)

-the orders arent always being split correctly making my warehouse think they have to make something that the app is actually supposed to male

-90% of the time it works correctly. 

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