Shipping from Pakistan to Middle East Issue

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I am planning on launching my store soon. My supplier is ready and so is my product, and I can't wait for the store to launch. However, I am facing an issue for two days now and can't seem to find any help.


I would like to ship my product from Pakistan to Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and within Pakistan (maybe worldwide in the future, but not now). I do not know which shipping company would be the best for this. I do not know whether I'd be able to buy and use my own shipping label since I am not in the U.S or Canada. When I research the shipping cost on some of the middle eastern shipping companies, it costs 55-60 USD per item which won't be affordable for me. I think people in U.S. are charged around 3-4 USD when they ship through USPS. Am I doing something wrong?


I have watched a lot of videos on "how to do shipping", however, these people are living in the U.S or Canada and it is much simpler for them. I am completely clueless. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Some info on my product:
Package type: Soft package
Weight: Around 2 kg per item
Dimensions: 30x20 cm (roughly) - Less than 5cm height

Shipping time: 1-2 weeks is okay. Not more than 2 weeks

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have a good day 

i have some problem ... can you tell me what you do abut this ?

i will thank you