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Shipping from the US to Canada

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Ive just started an online business selling freshly roasted coffee when ordered and noticed that shipping rates from to us to canada is extremly high is or are there any recommendations that i can use to cut my shipping costs down for the customer?

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Shipping in Canada is very expensive, just how it is 😅 maybe use a different carrier, you sometimes get more competitive rates if you make an account with them, though Shopify Shipping is pretty decent for that already.


What you can do for your customer at least is drop the shipping price to something less scary and then boost your product prices a little to compensate. You'd have to do the math on this to make sure you don't lose too much profit.


I can tell you though as someone in Canada that if I go to buy a pack of freshly roasted coffee for $12 and I get to the shipping step and it costs $16 then I'm not going to buy it. On the other hand if the coffee costs $18 and the shipping is $9 then that feels better to me and I'm more likely to buy. The most profitable sale is the one that happens 🙂 

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Hi @868supa 


USPS is generally the most affordable way to ship to Canada for light parcels. If you are shipping parcels over 4 pounds shipping with UPS will be cheap.

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