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I am dropshipping using the Syncee app. 

I am dropshipping from Australia using an Australian supplier. 

Whereabouts should I add that I ship from in the shipping settings?  Do I add shipping from Syncee or the wholesaler's address? 

My issue is the wholesaler supplier in Australia is charging $10.00 for shipping but Syncee is calculating shipping costs into the sale at $14.53 as this is on the Syncee website. 

I'm very confused LOL!

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Hi @DDLandCo

Great question and I totally understand why it might seem confusing initially!

While I cannot speak to Syncee's specific interface or processes, most dropshipping apps work like this:


You create your own shipping rates on your store. These are set by you and charged to the customer. You will want to ensure they are sufficient to cover whatever the cost is as billed to you by the supplier.

Now, if the supplier's prices are different from Syncee's prices, I would recommend reaching out to Syncee directly about this to ask why that is. Their contact information is at the bottom of this help guide.

How are you finding the process of building your store? And what kind of brand are you creating?

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Oh thank you, that’s a great help 🙂

I’m loving building the store and launched it on social media over a week ago. 1 sale to date which was exciting, I realise it will take time to get myself out there and build trust and become a familiar name.

I am having trouble the SEO and uploaded the search app but not really sure what it’s doing for me lol!
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Hi @DDLandCo,

Thank you for your question. The shipping price difference could be due to tax being calculated. 

Since these are  rather specific questions, in order to be able to give you appropriate response that best suits your inquiry, we would need more details. Please check out this help guide and write to us via the contact details at the bottom of the page or via in-app chat.

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