Shipping in New Zealand Please Help

Shipping in New Zealand Please Help

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Hi Team,

I'm starting a new business in New Zealand. I have a basic plan, so I don't have the option of integration with GoSweetSpot shipping Options & I can't afford the upgrade at this point. 

How are you calculating your shipping fees with a flat rate & do you have a rule in place or something to state if the incorrect fee has been charged you can charge them the surcharge / difference?

Is this even something you can do through shopify - say if someone has chosen a 'standard' delivery but actually it's rural or 2 day inter island etc.

I'm really doing my head in and I think I've gone down a wee bit of a rabbit would love some ideas for those of you who are on the same plan and what you're doing etc.?


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Hi @TdeBeer !


That is correct, automatic calculated shipping rates at checkout is only available for higher plans. As a workaround, you might want to explore the internet and especially the websites of courier that your store mostly used and used their calculate shipping rates feature so you have an idea for the shipping rates that you are going to set up. You can also check the Shipping Calculator Apps that Shopify store offers to see if any of those can be installed and used on your Shopify account without needing to upgrade your plan. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Thanks Roan…I have signed on with GoSweetSpot but it doesn’t looks like any of these apps work with them…

so begs the question- does anyone have any idea on who the best might be to use?

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Hey there, we may be a little too expensive if you're just starting out, but many retailers have started with us and grown. You could check out our app Starshipit (also New Zealand-based). You can tackle your problem in a few different ways, but most of our customers will add either flat or percentage margins, or use rules to assign certain carriers based on post code. There are obviously a lot of other features too, and happy to answer any questions. All the best!

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