shipping internationally from New Zealand

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Hi everyone.   I am just about ready to launch my new site, but I am stuck on the shipping.  I will have several hundred unique items for sale on my site, all of which would need an up to date quote on the day for shipping inernationally.  I am in New Zealand, so the options with Shopify for shipping carriers is very limited, then enter Covid and regularly fluctuating shipping rates etc. - it makes sense to me to quote the shipping once the customer has made the purchase.  That way I can give an accurate figure for shipping.  Third party shipping carriers are not an option for New Zealand either.  Having been a brick and mortar store for 40 years and sending international parcels weekly, we are completely set up with our own systems.  I want to be able to sell internationally on Shopify and then complete the process of shipping myself, with manual systems.  Having put 2 months work into setting up my Shopify store and coming acress this problem right at the end, just before launching, has me totally flabbergasted.  What are my shipping options? Can I just turn off international shipping and when a customer enters an international address - can there be a "contact us for an international  shipping quote" option? 

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