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Shipping label not matching when multiple products ordered

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I recently had a customer order 3 products (3 of the same product). When I had a shipping label printed, it created a single shipping label. My products are packaged individually, hence not sure why it printed a single label? In the product description, I have the weights and dims of a single package/product. What happened when the label was created (for all 3 packages/products), was that it used the dimension of a single package, but the overall weight was higher than all 3 packages together, hence not sure how it assumed the weight of all 3 packages, yet it only had the dimensions of a single package.


Although I think I got charged the proper (per package) amount, but given what the shipping label notes, I'm sure this will get flagged by UPS and I will most likely end up paying additional fees.


Any assistance would be appreciated, so that when a customer orders multiple products under a single order, I can either get separate (per package) shipping labels (although it should be under a single order) -or- that it somehow breaks it up into different orders (although I unfortunately dont want the customer to have to make separate purchases if they would like to purchase multiple products).



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Hey, @khaledbasheer!


When you create a shipping label on the order page, the product quantity defaults to the complete number of products in the order as it assumes a single fulfillment. This is why only one shipping label is created when you move forward with the initial configuration without modifying the quantity of the products you're fulfilling. To adjust the number of fulfilments and customize what's included in each package you ship, you can simply modify the number of products when purchasing a shipping label. You can continue to buy shipping labels for products that haven't been fulfilled until you complete the entire order. If you need steps on how to do this, you can refer to the guide below.


  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Orders.
  2. Click the order number of the order you wish to fulfill.
  3. Click Create shipping label.
  4. In the Items section, confirm the number of items you want to include in this fulfillment or you want to buy a shipping label for by clicking the arrows on the quantity box beside the product. 


  5. Review and adjust the other components of this shipment if necessary or continue with the purchase as instructed by this guide.


As for the package, the default package you set in Settings > Shipping and delivery is assumed to be used for the entire order, hence why the dimensions of a single package were taken into account. At the moment there's no way to natively assign packages to products and have multiple packages considered in the calculation when charging customer shipping rates during the order stage, except through apps such as Boxify or Parcelify. However, purchasing multiple shipping labels will assign a package to each shipment, so it is possible during the fulfillment stage.


Let me know if you have questions about what I've discussed!

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