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Shipping method/Shipping free/Invoice/Checkout

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Hi there, 

I have 2 problems with my store. Can anyone please help ..

1. My store will have 2 shipping methods. Is "free shipping" another is "standard dispatch". my problem is I don't want the shipping cost shown as "free" on the "standard dispatch", because I am not collect the shipping cost from the customer, the logistic company will collect it themselves when they deliver the parcel to the customer. hence, I would like to change it to " Shipping cost not included. because the wording "Free" made the customer very confused.

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2.  Can I freeze the "Pick up" on the Delivery method? Because of the covid I have suspended the pick-up service. 

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Hi, which carrier or logistic company are you using? 

I would suggest that you integrate your carrier company to one of the best shipping software! It will estimate(calculate) your rates. 

Shipstation is one of the best i usually use: ShipStation's Rate Calculator lets you view estimated rates across multiple services and carriers so you can determine which service is best for different shipments. Additionally, you can use the Rate Calculator to create labels (both outgoing and return labels) without creating an order. You can register for free with shipstation and try their 30 day free trial and continue afterwards with a premium plan. You can integrate the software with your shopify or any other online store you have.

Checkout the Shipstation to read more about their product. 

I hope this helps you! Good luck!



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Thanks Project108, however, the Shipstation is not the right tool on my case.