Shipping methods; Alternative shipping way on weight

Shipping methods; Alternative shipping way on weight

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I would like to split up my shipping methods.  

I want al my products which are (for example) <100gram to be send as a different package then the ones which are >100g. However there is no free shipping until €49,99 and i cannot make a rule that for a product which is less than 100G and €50 to be free shipping + shipped as package X. 

This package is for product which fit through the mailbox. i can send those cheaper then big items which need to be send as a parcel. 


I hope this makes sense, i've tried to add adjusted shipping rates but then i have to manually select all the products which should be send as mailbox package. 

Hope somebody is able to help me out. Thanks in advance!


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Shopify flat rate shipping can be configured either by weight or price, but not by a combination of both.


Also, multiple boxes are not supported.


Depending on the carrier you are using, you may need to find an app to integrate and automate the process.

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