Re: Shipping more than 1 item but only want to charge 1 main price

Shipping more than 1 item but only want to charge 1 main price

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I have a few select items that i charge a cheaper rate for. so i set up a shipping profile for just those select items. anything else in my shop has the same standard shipping price. if a customer buys 2 items and one of them is from the reduced shipping profile it will charge them both prices. how do i only charge the standard shipping price? 


example: item A is purchased from the shipping profile and ships for $4. item B from anything else on the list ships for $7.  if both of these items ships together the system will charge $11 for shipping. i only want to charge $7 for both items since they were purchased together and will be shipped together.  is there a way to say "if an item from my shipping profile ships separately charge $4 but if it ships with any other items, charge the standard shipping price of $7"?

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Hi @txbutterfly

Whenever products from separate shipping profiles are added to a customer's cart, we can expect their shipping rates to be combined at checkout - if you're interested, our Shipping profiles - Help doc goes into more detail on this behaviour.

That said, I can absolutely appreciate why this may not be the ideal checkout experience for what you're describing! In that case you might consider using one of these apps to create more custom shipping rules: 

In the meantime, I'll be happy to log the feedback with our team that it would be valuable to have the option to disable this checkout behaviour in your admin. Thanks for taking the time to share your question! 

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