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Shipping multiple items adding cost

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I need a solution to my issue. I have a store with over 2000 products and each product is setup with the correct weight. The 2000 products are from the same warehouse and I have setup the shipping cost to go on the weight which is correct but I'll be adding another warehouse with different products and it costs me to ship from each of these warehouse and my issue is that if a customer adds  products from warehouse 1 and warehouse 2 they will only be charged the weight of the product but that means i will be losing money because it costs me minmiun £3 to ship from each warehouse and I currently charge £3 so I will be losing £3. 

What I want to achieve: 

Customer adds product from warehouse 1 & 2 takes in count the weight charge but adds an extra £3 on top to cover the cost of shipping for the product from warehouse 2. 

e.g. product 1 + 2 (one from each warehouse). product 1 weight = 1kg & product 2 = 1kg. total weight = 2kg.  shipping weight cost = £3 + an extra £3 for product from warehouse 2. 

I hope that makes sense and help is much appriciated. 

I'm not sure if it helps but all my items have tags.  

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