Shipping Not Available in Maine and Washington state- everywhere else is OK!

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I've had my store for 6 years. Up until recently, I had a few shipping groups setup for larger items, etc. I started to get very inconsistent results from the shipping calculator within Shopify. So I got rid of all the groups, and went to a very simple setup- US and Canada only, just regular FedEx ground and USPS Priority mail. It was going OK for a while, but over the last few weeks, mostly everyone who has had a problem shipping is from Maine or Washington. What I notice in the customer account is a billing address, but no shipping address. 

My solution has been to create a dummy invoice, add a shipping address (the same as the billing address) and have them pay from that email. After losing a few big sales by not being aware of the problem, I need help!!!

Did Shopify change the account signup form recently? I don't remember the "Choose your country" being at the very top of the form. It makes me wonder if people are missing it.


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