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I am having issues with shipping orders with my shopify store. I tried testing to see what customers see when they try to check out. I always get an error saying items cannot be shipped to that location. I contacted customer support earlier and was advised that it was because I hadn't set up shipping rates and to go to settings, then go to shipping and delivery and set shipping rates. I've done that but I'm still having issues. I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thank you.

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Hi @odawuni,

Can you confirm the following?

  • Try clearing the browser cache or use a different browser to check this.
  • The contents of the checkout fall into the shipping rate parameters of your shipping profile for the product(s) being purchased. For example, if you have set up free shipping on all orders over $200, the order in the checkout in your screenshot will not fit this parameter and would give an error message like “We don’t offer shipping”.
    To correct this, you might need to have a second price based shipping rate set up in the same profile for orders less than $200 as well (for example).
  • Your product fulfilment location is included in the ‘shipping from’ of your shipping profile. If your product is being sourced through any app, the ‘Inventory managed by’ of your product would set up as seen below:




    The ‘shipping from’ section in your shipping profile, must then also contain the same app like this:



    If you are still facing the issue, you can contact Shopify support via chat. They will look into your store and resolve the issue.
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