Shipping Origin Printing Labels - UPS vs USPS

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Ok, i apologize if this has been answered before but I need some help.

So all our products and fulfillment happen at our home. So whenever we print shipping label, the labels would come out with our home address listed. We absolutely did not want that. We went ahead and got a private mailbox at our local UPS store (which is in a different city/zip). I know i can add our private mail box address as a location and use that as the default origin shipping. Great.


my main issue is USPS (post office). So because our UPS private mailbox address is a different city/zipcode than our local post office,

A. the local post office will flat out reject to take the package and say we need to go to the post office located in the shipping origin thats listed on the label or

B. They will accept the package but another 1-2 days of transit is added because they will first send it to the facility that matches the origin's shipping location AND THEN they will ship to the customer.

So my main question is this. 

Can i have 2 shipping origins set up in Shopify so that when an order is placed and it comes time fulfill it, i can select either the USPS post office address or our UPS private mailbox depending on what the customer chose??

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I see that there's no responses here yet but have you gotten an answer for this because i'm also very curious about this. My origin is the UPS store but I need to figure out what to do if i want to add the option to use USPS shipping as a second option.

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We have a similar problem with locations. Our local post office closes at lunch and the one in the town over opens after lunch so we never know which one we will be dropping off at but usually the 2nd one...that doesn’t match our ship from address and they want us to change the drop off location but I see no way to do that unless I make their actual address my location? And I don’t want that to be the return Address.  They want it so they get credit for the packages but I don’t know why they can’t keep up with that Internally when packages are picked up from there!

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Hello @nessa0588,
 You can add multiple numbers of shipping locations by adding shipping address with zip code verified by respective carrier account under one common Shopify dashboard provided, only one location origin can be set as a default option in Shopify settings under the “Locations” option.

If you have more than one active location, then you need to specify how to fulfill online orders.

If you want all items for online orders to fulfill from a single location, then you need to make that your default location and prevent other locations from fulfilling online orders

If you want items for online orders to fulfill from a primary location and fulfill from other locations if the product's not in stock at the primary location, then you can set the priority of locations for fulfilling orders. Make sure each location that you want to fulfill the from has “Fulfill online orders from this location” selected.

If you want to customize which location fulfills orders based on location and products, then you can activate multi-origin shipping to use shipping profiles. 



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