Shipping out of stock item with POS

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We are operating a garden center using the POS app. It's looking to be a temporary situation as I'm fed up with the limitations.

Last one is: we can't ship out of stock items to the customers. We can sell (of course) but can't ship.

Obviously if I make a sale using the POS it's because the product is available. I don't care what the inventory says. Therefore the POS will override the rule and allow us to sell.

But not ship??

We are selling trees and use a shipping app to calculate shipping and instalation fees. Now I can't use it most of the time. You have to understand that I don't make 100% of the qty available online. So a lot of time we don't have the plant officially in stock, but it's a product available on the POS app, even if not visible on the online store.

Please help!

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Hi @Guguit,

I think that ConnectPOS can help you solve this problem.

Some features that are tailor-made for your store are:

  • Stocktake helps you count and save the numbers of stocks in your inventory
  • Module Adjust Inventory lets you edit actual stock numbers after recounting, so the products won't be marked as Out-of-stock
  • Module Allow Placing Order With Out Of Stock Products allows you to sell even when the product is out of stock
  • ConnectPOS also supports the Shipping option

I hope that you can quickly fix your issues with ConnectPOS. Read more about our app here

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.