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I cannot find definitive information on the shipping costs via DHL from Zambia to the USA, UK, etc...I have heard that DHL is a Shopify shipping partner and that parcels under 2 kg only cost $5 to send. However, searching through Shopify's help center has not given me concrete evidence that this is the case. Can anyone please share their experience or knowledge? Thanks so much.

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I know it is quite old and you would have found a solution to it. So, I’m answering this query for the benefit of others with similar issues.
The shipping rates are not related to guesswork, as you may know, they are real-time rates provided by the carrier on the checkout page based on the product weight, package dimension, and shipper & destination location. However, reduced shipping rates for DHL are available only in Shopify shipping, which is available in the US, Canada, and Australia. You can get simplified DHL rates only by negotiating rates with DHL based on the number of orders or through any brokers. 

Here, the weight is 2kg; approximately equal to 4.4 lbs. You can check the rates provided by DHL  using the DHL rates calculator. You can look into different services and choose the one which provides the cheapest rates. You can then contact them regarding negotiating the rates. 

Also, if you are open to using shipping apps, you can check out apps like our Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app, which helps you integrate your own DHL account with negotiated rates and handle the shipping process. You can also look into other apps that provide DHL shipping: DHL apps.

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