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I am a UK based store, currently only shipping to the UK.

I am looking to start shipping internationally, but each product has an individual shipping price. Is it possible to set this up? I tried doing by weight, but this did the entire basket rather than products. As some products are the same weight but different packaging therefore have a different postage price!

Im super super confused, and finally given up trying myself! I really don't want to pay for an app to be able to do this, Any help would really be appreciated!

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You'll want to work through the shipping profiles documentation and watch the video

Product specific shipping is a 'custom shipping profile'

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Hi @frejanorse

Hyde here from Shopify.

I completely understand the frustration, it can be a tad overwhelming.

By default, each Shopify store is created with one shipping profile that contains your general shipping rates. However, if your products all need different and distinct shipping setups, then you will likely need to set up different shipping profiles for each one. Here is a video introduction to shipping profiles:


And here are the steps outlined for creating a shipping profile if you prefer:



In essence, you would create a shipping profile for every product. The only issue here is that - in addition to the general profile - you can only create 99 custom shipping profiles for 100 shipping profiles in total. So that's 99 unique shipping profiles for 99 products.

This is the only feasible way of creating unique shipping rates for each individual product. Beyond this, you would need to look at a third-party app.

I hope this all helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

All the best, Hyde.

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