Shipping Profiles /// Separating Shipping Cost Calculation for Different Product Profiles

Shipping Profiles /// Separating Shipping Cost Calculation for Different Product Profiles

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Hello Shopify Community,

I'm facing a challenge regarding the shipping settings in my Shopify store and am hoping to find support or tips here, without having to resort to a third-party app.


My store has two distinct shipping profiles set up. The first profile includes our standard products, for which we offer free shipping on orders over 50€. The second profile is for bulky products, where shipping costs are already included in the product price, and these are always listed as free shipping since each of these products must be shipped individually.


The issue I'm encountering is more complex than initially thought. When customers combine products from both profiles in one order, the following occurs: Either the shipping costs are set to free due to the total value of the order, which includes the bulky products from Profile 2, or the shipping costs are set to free because the products from Profile 2 are always listed as free shipping, appearing as the cheapest option for the customer. It’s not clear under which profile's rule the free shipping is applied. The fact is, the entire order is mistakenly marked as free shipping, regardless of which profile's free shipping rule is being triggered, leading to an incorrect calculation.


I'm looking for a way to adjust the free shipping calculation so that only the value of products from the first profile is considered, without the value of the bulky products from the second profile contributing to the threshold calculation, while ensuring a clear separation between the shipping profiles. Ideally, I would like to find a solution that can be implemented directly in Shopify, without the need for additional apps or significant extra costs.


Has anyone here faced similar challenges and found an effective solution? Is there perhaps a special configuration of shipping profiles or another internal Shopify feature that I might have overlooked?

I am very grateful for any guidance, tips, or advice on how to tackle this issue.


Thank you in advance for your support!


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When products from multiple shipping profiles are checked out, the shipping rates will be combined. There is no way to solve this.


The only workaround is to use a single shipping profile if your business rules can be managed with weight-based or price-based criteria.

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