Shipping Purchased In Cart is Less Than Shipping Label Price

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Hi all!


I just opened my Shopify store this past week and am beginning to fulfill some orders, however, I'm a bit confused as most of the shipping fees that were charged to my customers at checkout do not match the shipping label cost that I see when fulfilling their order. In most cases, the customer paid less (around $5) than the fee that I am charged when fulfilling the order.


I have already weighed all of my items as well as the shipping envelope and added the details to the backend of my Shopify account.


Any thoughts as to why that is, and how I can fix it?

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Hi @clairereilly 

Your customer shipping will really base on shipping setting. Recommend you check this to learn more and correct your shipping rates 

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Dan-From-Ryviu has posted a good answer already, but also consider:

  1. Review your Shopify shipping settings and double-check that all information, including product weights, packaging dimensions, and shipping methods, is accurate.

  2. Consider if you need to adjust your shipping rates to more closely match your actual shipping label costs. Third party shipping solutions (like Starshipit) can be a good way to manage these margins.

  3. Monitor your shipping costs and update your pricing structure as needed to ensure you maintain profitability while providing competitive shipping rates to customers.

  4. Communicate with your customers: If the difference in shipping costs is substantial, consider whether to absorb the extra cost or inform the customer of the discrepancy and request additional payment if necessary.

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Greetings, @clairereilly ,


When utilizing Shopify's shipping and carrier-calculated rates during checkout, they should ideally align. The sole exception is when dealing with dimensional weight. In such cases, if your actual package dimensions differ from the default box in Shopify shipping, your checkout rates may not be accurate.


If you opt for flat rate shipping, please be aware that you can only provide approximate rates at checkout.

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