Shipping Rate Calculation Decimal Place Glitch? Any Workaround?

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We have a challenge:

Shopify weights on product pages go out 4 decimal places. We import in grams and it converts to lbs. You can therefore end up with a weight like .4955 lbs

Shopify Shipping by Weight Calculation only goes up to 2 decimal places.

We set a shipping range like:

0lb–0.49lb          $1.99

0.5lb–0.74lb       $2.99

0.75lb–0.8lb       $3.99

In this situation, an item that weighs .4955 falls outside of that range and no weights come up.

What do we do? How do we fix this?

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Hi There!

You can do the following to cover more cases:

0 lb–0.499 lb $1.99

0.5lb–0.749 lb $2.99

0.75lb–0.8lb $3.99

Give it a try!

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