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Shipping rates for zones

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(Wine delivery) I'm trying to set up so that customers pay a £5 delivery fee for orders under 6 bottles or under £100 within 5 miles of the store (free delivery over these limits within the 5 mile radius), or they pay £10 for any order (no matter of quantity or total value) outside of the 5-mile radius. Is this possible? I have used an app (Store pickup by Secomapp) but it seems they can only do the under 5 mile section. Is there another app that does more? Or something simpler on Shopify itself? Any help appreciated.

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I am also trying to set up zones for our wine delivery (in the US). We have 3 shipping / delivery options for all wines:

  1. Pick up
  2. Local Delivery
  3. Shipping via FedEx (or other approved carrier).

We've tried to set up shipping zones and rates and keep hitting dead ends. Is there a tag based rule where all products tagged 'wine' for example will fall into a shipping profile that marks approved states in the US? We want a message to appear when a customer tries to check out from an unapproved county in the US, rather than us having to email and refund manually. 

Has anyone had any luck with using a subscription app for wine clubs that allow for pick up or local delivery? We're running into major roadblocks there too. We've tried to create a custom shipping profile just for wine club that offers the three options for delivery, but it still only shows Free Standard Delivery at checkout. Big mess. 


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To set different zones for different products you can use the shipping profile feature, it's exactly for that.


If you need custom zones you can use MapIt, which allows you to draw the zones freely on the map and set the prices for each zone: