Shipping rates occasionally not showing at checkout.

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I have noticed a lot of customers abandoning their cart with all info put in (addresses, phone number, etc.) but there is no shipping option selected by them in the line items of their order. I started to wonder if, for whatever reason, actual shipping rate options were not showing for all customers during the checkout process.

When I started  playing around with various carts at checkout I noticed that when I select the pickup option, then unselect it by selecting shipping instead, a shipping rate will not calculate at the next step (literally on the shipping page). Instead it simply asks me to input my shipping info, select next, and then it takes me to the Payment page where it asks me to enter my CC info for a total that does not reflect shipping. The button at the bottom of the page says “PAY NOW” and for shipping it says “will be calculated at next step” 


obviously very few customers are going to select PAY NOW without knowing their shipping rates.


I have attached a few screen shots of the final checkout page to show. How do I fix this? 



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