Re: Shipping Rates Setup (My brain is melting please help)

Shipping Rates Setup (My brain is melting please help)

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Hey everyone, 

I just can't seem to get my head around setting up shipping rates. One moment I think I've clocked it and then I go back to it several times to correct it. Firstly, I am using Printful on a Basic Shopify plan and thus cannot enable live rates 😭

My t-shirts for example sell for $45NZD. My profit margin after Shopify fees & TAX etc is $6.74. 

I am going to charge for shipping but would like to offer free shipping when customers spend over X amount.

The short of it is I can't figure out how to offer free shipping without running at a loss and having absolutely no idea how many shirts a customer may order and how that will potentially destroy any profit and actually put me in negative $.

To send a shirt to the USA for example from my fulfilment centre costs me $5.79NZD and then an additional $2.90NZD for every product after that. I understand how to input that into rates but how do I account for a customer and shipping if they hypothetically order 50 shirts from me, It makes out to me that I have to set up 50 different rates, each one $2.90 more than the last until we hit 50 shirts and a shipping price of $147.89.. is that right? and what if a customer orders 100? I feel like you have to set up infinite shipping rates  or am I missing a trick with the minimum/maximum spend inputs?

I just figured out that Printful cap their shipping to the states at $38.89USD so could someone please help me with a formula that allows me to offer free shipping, or I am even open to offering free shipping by hiking my t shirt prices marginally.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried setting up a free shipping code discount in Shopify? You can set it up to apply free shipping when the order exceeds a specific dollar amount. For example, if you want to let the customer receive free shipping on orders over $75NZD then under the minimum purchase order section you would select Minimum Purchase Amount and put in $75. If you want to allow free shipping on orders containing more than X items, you'd just enter that number in the Minimum Quantity of Items box. If this is something you'd like to use, just put an announcement bar notification to tell your customers what code to use.


I am not certain this will work with Printful, but it's worth a try maybe?