Shipping rates when using a fulfillment company

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We are a cracker company that uses a fulfillment center to ship our product.  They use Shipstation which is interfaced with our Shopify website, they in turn bill us for shipping but we collect the shipping fee from the Shopify checkout process of course.  We have been using a flat rate for shipping but there is interest in calculating the USPS shipping rate using weight and zip code to get a more accurate fee for shipping.  We would collect that fee but don't need to print a label since the fulfillment center does this.  

Researching it looks like doing this will cost us around $30/month if we use an app like Zapiet at $10/month for delivery rates by zip code app as well as $20/mo for Shopify's Carrier Calculated.  My question is in a situation like this where we have Fulfillment producing the shipping label and charging us, does this make sense to go this route to calculate a USPS rate or should we just adjust our flat fee to a more reasonable rate to cover our shipping costs?

Thanks for any insight on this, most appreciated!



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Great thanks Claire!
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Hello @awpouch,
 The better way is to adjust the flat fee to a more reasonable rate to cover the shipping costs and hide the flat rate without appearing to customers.

You can do this by setting up
the default shipping cost field blank in your Ship by order quote.

Your checkout will use whatever amount is listed in this field when an order falls outside of the range you've specified.

So, it will essentially always show the $0 flat-rate option regardless of the order total.

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Hi there, 

It looks like you are already getting advice on this query.  If there is anything we can do to assist you, please reach out to us, you can email us at or start a live chat with one of the team at

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